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Thursday, April 21, 2016

11 Working Mama Screw Ups

If you are a working mama (like me) you are most likely no stranger to the feeling of guilt (like me). Since family and work are each priorities in your life, you're going to worry about giving your best to each of these worlds — and though you're killing it, you still wonder if you're making any working mama mistakes. Although it may not feel like it in the moment, everything's about to work out. The youngsters are going to be OK and your diligence within the workplace is going to pay off.

Chances are, you're most likely putting additional pressure on yourself that you should not. It's a simple trap to fall into with society pumping out delusional expectations for moms. There's a relentless pressure to try and do more, be more, and provide more to all areas of your life — which is close to impossible to accomplish.

The truth is, you're going to make mistakes, as a result of being human. Whether or not you work more or less than different moms, there's perpetually going to be one thing that just does not go as planned. And that is OK. Just promise me, if you tend to create any of these eleven working mama mistakes, you'll forgive yourself every day and not look back.

  1. Trying to be Super Mom
 When we attempt to take on an excessive amount of....stuff, some areas of our life can suffer. Having youngsters could mean you can't do all the things you used to do. Time to begin compromising and sacrificing on a number of your time commitments.

       2. Not Attending a School Event-or Two, or Three

 There are only so many hours and days you'll be able to kick off work to attend school events. That is only one of the logistical aspects of being a working mama. However if you prioritize and commit to attend the most vital school events, you should not beat yourself up for missing some of the smaller ones.
       3. Working Late

 It's one of those difficult elements of having children — working late will cause you to feel stressed and guilty. However, kids tend to be more effected by a stressed parent than one they see less thanks to some late nights at the workplace. Thus on those days when it looks like its going to be a while before you make it home, take a long, deep breath and make the most of the time you get with the little ones.

       4. Too Many Photos of the Kids

According to Forbes, displaying multiple family photos at work tends to give off the impression that you'd prefer to be with your family than at work. This appears to me to be a rule worth breaking. As long as you've got a tasteful assortment of frames and photos on your desk, and it is not intrusive to your work, then stick with the pic love.


 Being passionate about social problems or local charities is a marvelous thing, however there could also be a season of a working mama's life when she does not have the time to volunteer for those organizations. Giving back happens in multiple ways, and for a time, that will mean that raising sensible citizens is your philanthropic gift.

      6.Yawning During a Convo

 Running a family and being a lady boss is enough to wear a gal out! Do not feel bad about being tired and yawning by midday. You're working HARD and it's only natural that you may feel sleepy-headed. Simply bear in mind to allow your body what it needs and (try to) get enough sleep so you'll be able to do it all over once more the ensuing day.
     7. No Dinner...Again

 Rushing between conferences, day care, and football practice makes for a busy evening. Therefore some nights you could possibly forget that everybody required sustinance? No biggy — that is why there's pizza pie delivery.

      8. Me Time Guilt

 With all the strain of work and family life, sometimes nurturing yourself can fall off the radar. however working mamas should make time for themselves every week. Whether or not it is a warm bubble bath with music, or dinner out with your favorite (adult) people, it is vital to make certain "me time" is on the calendar.

      9.Feeling Guilty At All

 57 percent of ladies feel guilty on a daily basis concerning some facet of their life, however working mamas appear to possess it the worst. It's damn near impossible to not feel guilty, therefore check that you to forgive yourself when you do. (Not that you just should feel guilty because, you are doing a great job!)

      10. I'm Late, I'm Late!

 Getting everybody out the door day after day feels like a huge sports event do not sweat it on those days when you simply do not make it out on time. It happens to everybody and it is best to let it go.

       11. Neglecting Your Love...Sorry Sweetheart...

If both you and your partner work, typically romance can take a backseat. Therefore there has got to be some grace for those stretches when adult time simply does not get put on  it to the highest of the priority list. And once time does open up, you and your sweetheart can schedule some much-needed quality time.

So there you have it, 11 working mama screw ups that I know I suffer with on a daily basis. What "screw ups" do you suffer with and how do you deal? Id love to hear from other working, money needing,

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


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When I was a new mom, I had no idea what affiliate marketing was, however now it makes excellent sense.

I’m aiming to tell you why the system works, how it works, and why you ought to be using it…every day.
What is Ebates?

Ebates is a company that provides money back if you shop from one of the many stores they list. You combine this with reward credit cards, coupons, and discount shopping you can do from Ebates...the savings really add up.

The company is an affiliate to several on-line stores. What’s an affiliate? an affiliate could be a person (or company, in this case) that makes a tiny commission for referring individuals.

How are you able to start?
When you’re prepared, look for a store and click on the shop link. This establishes a ‘tracking code’. Once you visit the web store from Ebates, you have thirty days to buy what you would like.

Example: Wal-Mart offers Ebates 2% of every referred sale. If Ebates sends a client to Wal-Mart, and the client buys a $500 laptop, Ebates makes $10 on the sale.

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Ebates is an affiliate of over 1,600 on-line stores. Nearly any individual with a website may be an affiliate.

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Mama's Frugal Tips for Beginners

Frugal moms grasp that a family does not need to pay lots to live well.

Even with band practice to purchase, new garments to budget in and birthday parties to throw, moms can keep finances in order with resourcefulness and strategy. I've collected tips from economical moms on saving cash without skimping on the things that matter. whether or not you are new to the frugal mama game or a lifelong saver, explore these tips to find out new ways in which to avoid wasting your family cash.

1. Budget Budget Budget!

If you are a savvy mama, you may already be on top of this. Very smart of you for you! Be at liberty to skip on to the following tip.

For the remainder of us: it's going to sound cliché and humdrum, however creating a budget is perhaps the foremost vital step in taking full rein of your finances. To begin, create a list of your family's monetary goals. for example, aim to save up for a family vacation, to save for school, or to save up for the holidays.

Next, create a plan of action by distinguishing your income and expenses for the month. Deduct the quantity you owe for essential payments like mortgage payments, utility bills, automobile payments. Next, decide on how you may distribute the rest of the cash – for instance, you may wish to allot a precise amount of cash for amusement, extracurricular activities, restaurants, etc.

2. Contrive menu plans for the week

For busy moms, coming up with a menu at the start of the week can help save time and cash. Begin by mapping out your meals for the remainder of the week, then create a grocery list of the things you'll need. Buy in bulk whenever you're able to, and follow your grocery list to avoid impulse purchases. Do all of your cooking at the top of the week, then freeze your meals to be consumed throughout the ensuing seven days.

3. Keep a watch out for sales

Check food market circulars and websites to work out what is on sale and arrange your meals accordingly. Join loyalty clubs stores you frequent to take advantage of exclusive deals and earn rewards. You'll be able to even download grocery shopping apps which alert you of current coupons for major grocery stores.

4. Seek out on-line coupons and promo codes

You can find coupons for everything from kitchen utensil to article of clothing to toys on the web. Explore coupon and deal sites that feature special offers, deals, and promo codes in many categories for thousands of your favorite stores.

5. Give generics a try.

In several situations, generic merchandise equal their name-brand counterparts in quality. To avoid wasting money, go generic with dry goods like baking powder, sugar and spices, additionally dairy products and produce. Alternative products to shop for generic include cleansing products, over-the-counter meds, beauty merchandise, and diapers.

6. Search out free fun

Why dish out for entertainment when there is an abundance of free fun to be had in your town? search for free activities and events listed in your newspaper, or check your local library for information on playtime and story hour.

7. Eat sensible

There's nothing like sharing a home-cooked meal. You'll economize, eat healthier and spend time together as a family. However there is nothing wrong with splurging on a restaurant every now and then. When you do eat out, sometimes there are kids eat free days offered by various major chains.

8. Yard sales!

Yard sales are often a treasure trove of name-brand wear, toys and more. It's often a decent strategy to go to sales at the end of the day, when yard sale hosts become progressively desirous to clear out merchandise. Try combing purchases to attain a far better deal.

9. Promote an eco-friendly life-style

Leading an environmentally friendly life-style does not just protect the planet – it saves you money. Use fabric napkins and reusable water bottles instead of disposable alternatives. Swap out traditional light bulbs for compact florescent lights, that use around thirty percent less energy and may last 10 times longer. Turn down your hot-water tank to one hundred twenty degrees to save up to ten percent on your heating bill. Save on water by putting in a low-flow shower head and inspiring your family to take shorter showers – five minutes is all you actually need. Your family ought to additionally get in the habit of turning off lights whenever anyone leaves an area, which is able to save energy and hamper your energy bill.